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Honour your nature


We believe crafting wine not only begins, but must end, with nature.


To have an impact on the world, not the planet

The environment is our biggest stakeholder, and we believe crafting wine not only begins, but must end, with nature. Sustainability isn’t an afterthought; it’s the foundation for each part of our process, where the circularity of our resources reflects the circularity of nature - only taking or using what we know can be given back.

We’re setting a new standard for sustainability in the industry. 3Sixty2 is Sustainable Winegrowing NZ Certified, but our commitment doesn’t stop there. Our packaging is locally-sourced, 100% recyclable and made from Forest Stewardship Council Certified trees. We use zero plastic, and our bottles are made from NZ-made O-I glass, which can be continuously recycled. We plant 362 trees for bees and believe in giving New Zealanders career opportunities with pay that reflects their real value.

We do it because it matters to us; it’s right by the planet and our industry - today, and tomorrow.

To tell a New Zealand narrative

3Sixty2 is a number that marks the start of New Zealand’s wine story, when, in 1836, James Busby, planted cuttings from his collection of 362 vines on what would become the Waitangi Treaty grounds.

But 3sixty2 is also now a number that represents a new story for New Zealand’s winemaking industry. It’s a story that starts with young Northlander, inspired by the heritage of her hometown, who decided it was time to go it on her own. 

After studying her craft, she worked alongside top performing winemakers, in leading New Zealand vineyards and wineries, across our premier wine-producing regions. But this success has only happened with courage, tenacity, ambition and determination - just the kind of skills you pick up as a girl growing up on a Far North farm.

After all, change and progress doesn’t come through following the rules. She experimented, asked questions, pushed boundaries. Digging deep to define her own road to success in an industry staid in tradition, she’s now challenging the status quo to produce a wine that is more than just another bottle on the shelf.



To understand who we are and what we stand for

We’re proud to be a 100% Kiwi owned and operated business and we’re committed to nurturing both our land and local industry. A strong connection to our heritage and what it means to be a Kiwi is what keeps us grounded, while our innovation and ingenuity is what keeps us aiming to be among the best in the world. Our wines tell a story, rooted in heritage, inspired by the possibilities, and driven by fresh thinking. 

To discover our story for yourself, you won’t find us on grocery shelves. You’ll find us in the places where real customer connections are made, where memories take shape over restaurant tables, and where people with a passion like ours want to share it with people with great taste like yours. 

We’re small yet mighty. Producing less than 3500 bottles a year, we think big, without losing the beauty and prestige that comes with staying small.


The first commercial release of this wine. 5% barrel-fermented with lengthy maturation in oak. Rich, textural sauvignon blanc with toast, nutty lees and ginger flavours occupying centre-stage with guava, grapefruit and passionfruit in the background. - Bob Campbell The Real Review 91/100.