Our Team


Alice Rule

I am Alice. The founder and winemaker of 3sixty2 wines.

Once upon a time, as an overqualified and very experienced technical viticulturist I discovered a bird scarer (this young bloke that drove a motorbike honking horns… when he wasn’t sleeping under the olive trees) was getting paid the same as me. So I got on the phone to a friend from Lincoln, purchased some juice, got some smart people around me, and made a Sauvignon Blanc.

No joke. This wine later has since won its first silver ribbon, awarded 91 Bob Campbell points. And that, is exactly the validation I needed to know I am on the right track to carving a place for myself in the wine industry.

I don’t come from a wine family. My Dad is a Northland farmer. My Mum, a school teacher who grew commercial flowers for export when my sibling and I were little. I love living off the land. I have grown up to appreciate the importance of growing your own food. We always had fresh milk, home kill meat, fresh fish and a plentiful garden with seasonal veggies. I hope you love my wine.

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Ryan McCauley

I was in Wellington one gloomy afternoon when I got a reply message on my Instagram story, saying ‘Hi welcome to sunny Wellington….apart from what i’ve seen on insta I have no idea anything about you but you seem to go on some sweet adventures and enjoy your wine which is a great combo! If you’re keen for a wine/ coffee while you’re here let me know’.

Next minute we are all having wines at my friends beautiful wine bar, everyone loves Ryan, and he from that day on, becomes a hugely valuable part of the team.

Ryans played a very special part in capturing our 3sixty2 journey. I admire his skills, patience and handling my challenging attention span with grace. Our behind the scene that never are published, are stories we will laugh about over wines for many years to come; costume changes in the vineyards, disturbed looking managers, car accidents, questionable choices in accomodation (okay that was my fault) and more.

Wouldn’t have it any other way.


Cooper Rule

Okay… a little odd introducing your fur baby as part of the team. But I will because he plays a big part in the business and is mostly everywhere I go.

This is Cooper.

For those who already know Cooper, you'll appreciate how friendly he is (unless you're a courier driver or unwanted visitor), his love for the ocean, road trips, other dogs, grape tasting and long runs during adventures.

  • Favourite food: Sausage rolls, and really likes them with tomato sauce.

  • Pet hate: Vacuum cleaner.

  • Naughtiest deed: Stealing kids socks off the playground… ooo he gets chased.

  • Favourite toy: This soft duck that honks, that’s right, honks. Doesn’t sound anything like a duck but oh well, he loves it.

  • Obsession: Water! Bath, shower, ocean, puddles; anywhere he can have a dip.